*Rough Draft

My Theology:

My theology doesn't fit into just one religion. Frankly, I've found what I know to be a better path;
I accept truth wherever I find it! I don't hesitate to glean wisdom from the various monotheistic
religions that we have in the world today.

On a personal; level, I imbibe the walk of the early Franciscan-Christians, as I
have found this to be the highest form of Christianity. This teaching is my core.

Additionally, my theology is in sync with much of what the Bahai Religion believes concerning
the validity of the various monotheistic religions, and the call for:
'Every person to make, an independent search for truth, without preconditions.'
(That being said, due to their visionary, Bahulah, being raised & brainwashed by his Shiite Muslim upbringing,
the Bahais are way wrong concerning their viewpoint of who Jesus is!
Both the Bahais and muslim religions are brainwashed with the heresy that Jesus  is non-different from other divine messengers;
Abraham, Moses, Zoraster, Buddha, & Mohammed.To learn the reason that God raised up the Bahais to be the newest
worldwide religion, click here > www.bahaisynopsis.homestead.com

Concerning Islam: The Lord taught me that Islam is the devil's stealth religion; cunningly mixing truths with lies,
designed by the enemy to become the paramout religion in the world; placing Mohammed above Jesus (sic)
I'm not proud about it, but I must confess that I am one of the worst backsliders in all of human
history! For real! Long ago, I was close to attaining living sainthood. Then, through bad-relationships
with women I fell very far. In fact, about 25 years ago (when I was in the depth of my depravity),                                                                                  
I nearly attained hell while still living in this earthly body! At that time, I became as far-gone as
was the demoniac who encountered Jesus in the tooms, the fellow possessed by the legion
   Through the Lord leading me out of my living hell (His guidance coupled with my obedience),
I became a world-authority on the sanctification process (purification of the eternal soul).

On another note, there exists different variations of the Christian Faith. The variation which
I adhere to is the topmost of the plethera of Christian variations that exist in the world today.
Its at the core of my idealogy.This variation is the only one whom God, Himself, placed
His stamp of approval upon. Its is the walk of the early Franciscan-Christians!
> www.topmostchristianwalk.homestead.com
Additionally, I have learned to incorporate 'Gifts for Above', whereever they may be found, gifts that have
proven themselves beneficial. These Gifts from Above are mercies given from the Divine that have enabled me
to evolve far faster in my spiritual walk compared to my neighbor who only is privy to the mercies taught within his own
religion. Herein is an indepth study of these Gifts from Above: www.giftsfromheaven.homestead.com 

Additionally, I never limited my search for wisdom  to only one Sacred Text or wisdom coming thru one holy-man.
I'm not inferring that all Sacred Texts have the same worth before God, or holy-men the same sacnity.
But, I know that both that Jesus and Krishna had the fullness of the Godhead within them.
They weren't mere mortals, like the prophets and holy-men.
I am saying  the Word of God is not limited exclusively to the Bible.
For example, the followings are priceless truths from the East:
"Every person is an eternal servant of the Supreme Lord, that is our constitutional position"

Another  aspect of my ideology is clear thinking; utilizing logic &  common sense (which isn't common).
A Sikh Saint, Kirpal Singh, stated, "Ninty percent of the spiritual path is clear thinking!"
(the above phrase is also easily worthy of being in the Bible!)

On another note, living a simple, uncomplicated lifestyle is essential if one desires to
successfully walk the spiritual path, to successfully work towards becoming that better person.
This lifestyle must be imbibed, so we can better fulfill obeying the Golden Rule. Additionally,
through living this lifestyle it makes it far easier for one to hear from God; being sensitive to
the subtle promptings of the Holy Spirit. (St Francis used to say, "Holy simplicity leads to holy joy")
All who hope to live with God in eternity must make of their earthly life a sacred walk; living a life
based upon the pillars of both prayer & selfless-service (while controlling all sense gratification).
Only living a holy lifestyle builds light. This light gradually destroying our sinful nature
(mortification plus walking the hard road for God, speeds up this crucial, sanctification process!)
    On another note, the Lord has taught me if logic reveals something unorthodox to be true,
fearlessly stand upon that truth. Even if that truth is disproving something most everyone considers
sacred, stand upon that truth! Even, if your discovery will be discrediting sacred cows of the faith, thus
you will be loathed as a heretic, stand upon that truth! 
     Now hear the conclusion: As long as one is standing upon the rock of truth, that person is divinely
protected. By standing upon truth you are always in the center of God's will, as HE is truth (and also love!)
Gandhi proclaimed, "By love & truth a man can conquer the entire world" > I agree with him, 100%.

Imbibing my total theology is more complicated than is following one religion. But, by necessity,
we must exert more effort if we desire to take more personal responsibility in a matter, whether it is
concerning our spiritual life, our health, or in other crucial matters. Our extra effort exerted will eventually
qualify up to become more expert.        
The more common route most people adhere to is to blindly delegate an awesome responsibility,
whether it be the welfare of our soul, or the welfare of our health, to some human authority.  I've discovered
that this authority isn't necessarily as expert as he appears! Often, that person only appears to have our
best interests at heart. Often their zeal to acquire our money is the motivating forcen here. 
Since our relationship with the Almighty is far and above the most important aspect of all our lives,
if we need to invest more time and effort to become more fruitful in our service to God, its worthy
of the additional effort required of us! 

If one imbibes my total theology it opens one up to so much more mercy & aids from Above.
Aids that Christians don't even know exist! I reason this is easily worth the extra effort spent learning of it!
But, even imbibing part of my theology will reap a huge, spiritual bonus!  That is, if one is a sincere disciple!
Though, once one understands how I spiritually navigate, you will find that my theology actually is not very
complicated, as it first appeared to be.

*The Bible states, "All good and perfect gifts come
from Above, comes from the Father".
     Contrary to what most Christians are taught, these 'Gifts from Above' are not exclusive to
Judeo-Christianity. Rather, they are contained throughout the world's monotheistic spiritual landscape.
I have found that utilizing these various gifts in one's spiritual walk affords one priceless
advantages. Someone afford the believer a boost. This boost helps one make breakthroughs
in their spiritual growth! Breakthroughs, that all devout religious folks yearn to have! Others help one
overcome their ego,etc.
      Utilizing various Gifts from Above wherever I find them is a major aspect of my spiritual walk,
and is one of the major reasons that my idealogy is superior to all those who follow only one religion
> www.giftsfromheaven.homestead.com

I'm absolutely convinced the utilization of these various gifts from above affords one a significant
improvement over sticking to the tenents of only one faith. Entheogen use is one of the main  "Gifts from
Above", that I  utilize. It is foreign to Judeo-Christianity, as this wisdom came through the native
peoples' walk. Nevertheless, I swear to you that it has been a fantastic blessing for me!
I believe that all disciples ought to delve into this area in order to find out whether it blesses them or not.
If it blesses continue to use. If it doesn't, discontinue > www.sacredsubstances.homestead,com)
  Using entheogens while communing with God, gives my prayer life a big boost! (Similar to the
boost believers experience when partaking in corporate worship. But, I prefer taking this path
because God's messages that are received through taking this route appear more precisely directed
towards me)

My theology is somewhat like the Bahais (www.bahaisynopsis.homestead.com).  Its no accident that the
Bahais are the newest, world-wide religion. They provide humanity the overview; explaining, so nicely,
the major moves of what the Lord has done on the planet, working through His various, divine messengers.
Like the other religions, the theology of the Bahais is not flawless (Since the Bahais founder was a Shite
Muslim he was brainwashed by his muslim upbringing, believing all of the divine messengers were
mere prophets. Not accepting the fact that God has in fact incarnated)

On another note, when the muslims proclaim Mohammed as the "seal of the prophets", that is a most
terrible violation against God! Its against the entire Kingdom of Heaven!!
Why is it soo bad you might ask?
     Common sense: Raising up and sending prophets is God's sovereign call. If a time arises when
the mass of believers go astray, God raises up and sends a prophet to motivate His children to get back
on the right path. When any recognized sacred-text calls anyone the "seal of the prophets"
its a great offence against God! This seal-of-the-prophets, BS piece of dogma,discredits the future prophets
that the Lord sees the need to raise up! Well, doesn't it?  It robs God of His ability and right to successfully
intervene, whenever He sees the need! If I was God this muslim BS dogma would be a mega-insult
to me!
     Prophets proclaim crucially needed spiritual guidance for God's people. Due to that heresy
of Islam, future prophets of Islam proclaiming hard-to-hear messages (which are most of their messages),
will be looked down upon by so many muslims as being heretics.  And the new believers will have a valid
rationalization to do so!  Can't you see that this is true?
     All devout muslims have swallowed that BS line concerning Mohammed seal-of-the-prophets,
hook-line-and-sinker! Naturally, due to that inbred heresy, the muslims masses look upon the
Bahais'  unorthodox beliefs, holding in the highest esteem all of the world's monotheistic religions,
as being heretical! (the Bahais, an offshoot of Islam, are God's appointed prophets to Islam!
For real!!)Sadly, even though the Bahais are called of God, due to that seal-of-the-prophets BS,
they were destined from the start to largely be ineffective!  Now, can't you see the terrible
consequences of this one heresy??? (certifying anyone as the final one). When a religion's
dogma has closed the door to accept future prophets, that is a big negative!
All that being said, now I am going to sound like friggin hypocrite!  But, if you read further you will
see that I am not. I am safe in making the following claim only because Armageddon is so very close
> "I, not Mohammed, am the seal of the prophets!" 
As a mere creature I only dare to step in God's sovereign domain, making this claim, because
Armageddon is right in front of us. There is no time left! Otherwise, I wouldn't even dare to think of
entering the Almighty's sovereign domain in such weighty matters as raising up and sending

On another note, Zionism is part of my ideology not because I am Jewish, but because that land
is clearly theirs!  3500 years ago Moses led the ancient Jewish nation out of bondage from Egypt,
into the desert, then to that God-given land.

Here is one of the few places where the Bahais are wrong, and herein is the reason why:
Since their founder, Baha u llah, was raised in the Muslim faith, the divine vision that he was
blessed with was tainted by the dogma of his Muslim upbringing
(ie. . . that all of God's messengers are mortals, that the Almighty has never incarnated).
The fact is all of the prophets were mortals. Even though they may have been greatly used of
God, they are only human, and all humans are capable of error. 

Jesus Christ was never a mortal. He really is the son of God, incarnated from heaven  Therefore,
unlike mortals, His theology is perfect, irrefutable. Only divine manifestations, like Him, are worthy
to set the standard for TRUTH. Additionally, as incredible as it may sound to westerners, God also
incarnated in India 5,000 years ago. His name was Krishna!!!  Common sense leads one to the
conclusion that only wisdom spoken by incarnations, Krishna & Jesus,  are infallible. Any teachings
that contradict them is false
(For Christian consumption: Jesus’s famous proclamation, “I am the way, the truth, and the life, no man
comes to the Father but by Me”, has been almost universally misinterpreted by Christendom!
I will be proving my charge, as the Lord has guided me how to do so. . .
What Jesus was referring to was not His personage, but rather to become one with His inner man. 
Christlikeness; to develop the character of Jesus.
      Corroborating testimony from the Bible that I am right: Digg the following logic: When Jesus spoke of
Peter saying “Upon this rock I will build My church”, Jesus wasn’t exalting the man Peter. Rather, He was
exalting the great spiritual gift that Peter possessed. Peter possessed the eyes to see spiritual truth, the
eyes to recognize the hand of God in this creation. But, if you believe Christ was referring to Peter’s
personage, you’d best straightaway convert to become  Roman Catholic, as they alone are the 
“heir’s to the throne of Peter”.  Thus, they alone would be only church sanctioned by Christ!
       Additionally, concerning the the parable of the Good Samaritan, Jesus stated, "Do as he did,
and you too shall live!" Jesus never required the Good Samaritan to first accept Him as Lord.

Truths from some non-christian religions that attest to their noble goal of attaining that spiritually elevated
state Christians call, Christlikeness. Naturally, they call it by other names. . .
>Sadhu, is the name of the famous orange robed, homeless, holy men of India. Translated into English
Sadhu means > Becoming All Good.
>One of the holiest books in Judaism is titled, The Zohar.
In that book its written: “When man is one, God is one”
Judaism calls the above state that of a Tzadik (one who has completely sublimated their natural
"animal"-"vital" soul inclinations into holiness, so that they experience only love and awe of God,
without material temptations

The elevated state these non-christian faiths are attesting to is  becoming all good, becoming love itself!
(The prerequisite one must imbibe to attain that exalted, Christlike state: no longer having lust, or
possessing any other carnal or selfish desire)
I trust that all the above truths have attested to the correctness of my interpretation!
Additionally, I will be proving my idealogy by being the victor in the Fire-Event!

Jesus is God the Father's top-most representative on the planet.  As the Bible states "His name is
above all other names" & "He is the cornerstone of the church, and the apostles and all the
prophets are the foundation" > that is all true! The Lord wants me to add something significant
to this sacred picture. The holy-men from the world's various monotheistic faiths are included in
that sacred foundation!

In this brief paper I will be launching far more attacks on Christian theology than I will be doing on
Islam. This isn't because I consider Islam superior. But, its only due to the fact that I consider
myself a Christian. Therefore, I know the Bible far, far better than I do the Koran.
    Frankly, I have read very little of the Koran. But, I know enough! I know that its a flawed text
in crucial ways:
1-  looking upon Jesus as merely one in a line of  prophets.
2-  the way their book belittles non-muslims; labeling all of us accursed infidels.
No doubt, there is sacredness in Islam, as there is in all the other monotheistic religions. But, its
not the infallible Word of God as devout Muslims are conditioned into believing. Their book
contains truths mixes with lies. The terrible problem is the lies Islam teaches have made it
dangerous for non-muslim minorities who live in muslim-majority countries.
I sincerely believe that the Bible is the most important (not the only) sacred text in the
entire world. But, it is definitely not the infallible word of God, as almost all devout Christians believe!
Almost all devout Christians are sorely afraid to even question the infallibility claim, afraid of become

I am not afraid in the least! Only because God has taught me that, through adhering to simple logic,
if I find something to be true that is unorthodox, even if it makes me appear to be a heretic, don't
ever be afraid to stand upon it if it be true!!! Since Jesus is truth, as long as I am standing upon
truth, I am totally cool with God!
      Its obvious, there are a few lies & misinterpretations in the Bible! Not many, but a few.
I agree, God can't lie. But, the Bible is not God. Inspired men can be in error about 'some' of what
they believe. Every human is capable of error.
     Herein are some of the few Biblical lies that ought to be exposed. Plus, there is wisdom that
ought to be added (Note: I'm don't desire to take away from the loads of truths, and the real to life
examples that are included in that top-most, marvelous book on the planet!);

1- "There is no name given under heaven and earth where a man must be saved"
Must? The final call on who gets saved is always God's! We can't ever tell Him must (unless, one
is standing upon one of His promises). Also, this verse contradicts others. If God considered you a
goat or a doer of iniquity the Bible rightly states > You won't attain heaven! Even if you possess
super-natural faith in the name of Jesus!

2- "Without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sins". That is a bald-faced lie!!!
The blood atonement comes out of the Jewish religion. According to Judaism, the blood atonement
was never the only way to make atonement for one's sins.  Rather, it was the only free way; 
whereas an animal endures suffering in your place!

3- In the Bible, the definition of sin is "Missing the mark". Frankly, that is a terrible definition!
Certainly, one can come up with a more accurate definition. Missing the mark insinuates that one
was attempting to do the proper thing, but fell short. Doesn't it?
That definition makes an honest stumble look like that is a sin. An honest stumble or missing of the
mark is not a sin! Sins are willful animals, aren't they?
    When I was dead, the Lord showed me the following: Since God is love, and the walk demands we
walk in love, all forms of selfishness are contrary to love. Selfishness, in all its mired forms, is sin!
Additionally, disobeying a direct order from the Almighty, that also is sin!

4- Paul called all the believers - saints. That poor apostle must be rolling in his grave for giving all
believers such a lofty title!  The Catholic definition, not the protestant definition, for sainthood is the
correct one! The title of saint ought only be reserved for those who have become more than
conquerors! A saint is someone who has attained the elevated spiritual attainment of becoming
all-good!(they have transcended the lower nature!)

5- It ought to be written in the Bible that performing fitting penance to atone for one's larger sins is
God's preferable way to expedite these sins.  As opposed to folks straightaway offering up the
blood. We are only supposed to offer up the blood if we fall short in performing fitting penance!
Jesus stated, "I come for the sick, the well don't need a doctor". The well perform fitting penance
for their sins!

6- The Bible states, "There is no-one righteous, no, not one"
In another verse it states, "God hears the prayers of the righteous"

7- Its written, "If anyone adds or takes away from what is written in the Bible, they will be cursed".
That is BS.  In the future, I will be the honored one who will be permitted to change a small portion
of that sacred text. I assure you, I will only do so with fear and trembling. Only after much
consideration, and after conferring with wise & logical people.

Also, realize that when we read the gospels we are merely getting snapshots of everything that
Jesus taught and did.  God's spiritual truths are far more voluminous then what is written down in
the gospels (the Almighty speaks in other sacred texts as well). On the Cross when Jesus said,
"It is finished" > He was only referring to His earthly mission, in which He did a perfect job! He was
not inferring that God the Father is not going to do new things in the future! God the Father is a
creative being.He thoroughly enjoys being creative!
  When this creative God finds someone who passes His rigorous testing, at times He honors
that individual by doing a new thing through them! Often, these new things of God are
misunderstood by mainstream religious folk. These new servants on the block often get ostracized,
persecuted, and labeled as cults.

Here are other ways to atone for sins, other than through the shedding of blood. Most of these
other ways are listed in the Bible:
1- "Charity coverith a multitude of sins"
2- "Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy"
3-  "Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us"
4  "Blessed are those who suffer for righteousness sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven."
5- "Blessed are the poor in spirit, as theirs is the kingdom of heaven"
6- Additionally, God has taught me if we succeed in making the especially big sinners into disciples
it compels God to cover our big sins.
7 - King Nebecanezzar the evil, pagan king of Babylon ate grass like the oxen till he knew God for
Himself. He became born-again 500 years prior to Jesus coming to the world! Moreover, he was
honored to have his testimony posted in the Bible (Daniel 4:28-37). Many Christians say that it only
worked for him because it was before the time of Christ. Thus, it wouldn't work nowadays!
But, that is a false. If following that path melted away his sins in his day, likewise it will do that today!
8- Performing fitting penance for one's sins: The most famous of the companions of St. Francis,
was another man who also attained the elevation of living sainthood, St. Anthony of Padua.
Francis revered this friar-preacher, called him 'his bishop!'  Its interesting to note, thirty years after
St Anthony's death his crypt was opened (the remains of certified Saints were held in the highest
esteem).His tongue was miraculously found preserved! (incorruptible). Today, his incorruptible
tongue can be viewed by anyone. Its home is the basilica of St Anthony!
  Hey, out of all preachers who ever lived why do you figure God singled out only his tongue to be
preserved? My common sense cries out its because the theology of the early Franciscan-Christians
is the most perfect of all the various Christian theologies! Its the one God holds above all other
Christian theologies! St Anthony went from town to town exhorting people to love and fear God,
and do penance for your sins! Penance, being another bloodless way to atone!

If you learn of them, you will find that the early Franciscans-Christians, as a group, were one of the
holiest group of men who ever lived. They were radical followers of he gospels, and due to that fact,
through them the Lord revealed a deeper form of Christianity! Since they were God's top-most, I
have made myself to be a follower of their holy way.

On another note, St Francis of Assisi, one of the topmost apostles of all time stated of Christ,
"That He preferred action above teaching."  Sadly, most of the Christian Church follows the very
opposite path! They place the highest priority upon study. This alarming misdirection has occurred
because we humans are lazy, and given an option, most gravitate towards walking a road that is
pleasing to the flesh. The fact is that the harder the road that one walks for God's sake, with zeal
and joy, the faster the spiritual growth / resurrection! For that reason, a lifestyle as a full-time street
minister in a crowded city environment is awesome!

Since the folks who wrote the scriptures had not the use of computers, all scriptures were written
with the same size font, without highlighting capabilities. This handicap left it up to future
generations of believers what directives of God were the more important ones, and what directives
were less important. Since humans tend to gravity towards laziness, we want something for nothing
(cheating tendency), scripture verses that promise us lots for little effort have been emphasized,
verses scripture verses which make us fearful for our salvation. Consequently, modern-day
Christendom  emphasizes scripture verses which allow a pleasant walk, making salvation appear
as secure as money is in the bank. I'm convinced if the Scribes who wrote the Bible had the use of
computer technology, with access to different sized fonts and highlighting capabilities, Christendom
would be adhering to a much more action oriented, non intellectual form of the gospel, a gospel
that compels believers to sacrifice & suffer much for their faith!

Not all religions are the same in quality. Some religions are higher than others (that is, only
if the higher precepts that are taught are put into practice)."A man is only as wise as the amount of truth he puts
into practice and no more" - bro Giles (12th century Franciscan)

In addition to the well-known faiths, there are a number of lesser known monotheistic faiths that
possess divine treasures to share with the rest of humanity.
All religions that I know of have truths mixed with falsehoods (a wise believer who has the 'eyes to
see truth' as Peter possessed, gleans and benefits from the truths, and perceiving the falsehoods,
discards them as rubbish).
>Recall, Jesus said of Peter {speaking of Peter's great spiritual gift}:
"Upon this rock I will build my Church" Thus, through this scripture verse Jesus is teaching us that
having the eyes to see spiritual truth is the most exalted of all the divine gifts.  Jesus will even build
His church upon it! (When people ask my religion I simply tell them - TRUTH)
God's truths permeate the Bible, but they are not limited to Judeo-Christianity.
In the coming Messianic Age God desires to take religion to the next logical evolutionary stage of
development. . .

Just as miner panning for gold separates the gold from the dross that accompanies it, in the similar
fashion God desires us to extract the good and helpful things out of all monotheistic religions and
place them all on the table for all to honor, as all good things for our soul come from Above, from
God the Father  (All false doctrine will go to the dung heap where it belongs!)
This new way is not only to live a life of humility and righteousness before God. 
But, its also to look beyond our own religion and honor all truth and holy things from other faiths as
well. To expand one's consciousness beyond the artificial barrier that religions erect.

Obviously, the most spiritually advantageous road a man can walk is the road that God desires him
to walk.Though, if the Almighty doesn't ask you to walk a specific road, its wisest to walk the
hardest path that one walk for God, and to do so with zeal & joy!

Many years ago I was fortunate enough to meet a great man of God named Father Norman Weslin.
He taught that to seek out the cross is far holier than merely accepting it when it befalls us. He is
soooo right!!!!

The Catholic religion teaches that the way to holiness is mortification (crucifying the flesh) and
penance. How right they are!!! (Ponder this: Love of God is the gasoline to service Him. The harder
the service that we perform for Him, the more love of God it takes to perform! God reciprocates;
the more love of God we manifest, the faster He raises us up!)

As all believers know, God's nature never changes. He is fair, righteous, etc. But, the way that He
deals with humanity sometimes does change. Contrary to what Mormons, Catholics, and Muslims
believe, the Almighty doesn't anymore choose one church to be His sole representative. Neither,
does He anymore require one to become a member of an organized religion. Neither, am I belittling
these forms of religion so many good people follow. What is absolutely essential, is that all who
desire to please God must make their life holy!

Prayer is King (St Francis stated, "A man only knows he is saved for sure through prayer").
Prayer is a personal thing. A wise believer ought to experiment to find out what form of devotion
works best for them.

God appeared in India 500 years ago. His name Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.
He was Krishna (God) come disguised as a devotee!  Incarnated, to teach us by example
how to be devotees. Plus, to initiate an entirely new way for men to be saved!
  Under either Krishna or Jesus a man can't be saved if he can't obey.
Its been written that in eastern scripture that in these modern times there will be many people
who are so demoniac that they can't obey any authority.  But, under Lord Chaitanya the Almighty
instituted a new path! 
The new path: If one dedicates their lives to living as servants of God, strictly controlling sense
gratification,  and does lots & lots  of dailychanting of the Hare Krishna mantra (holy-names of God
in sanscrit), one can attain the full perfection of life!
(chanting is a form of praise and worship)
>For the most part, that are right! I believe there are some big sins which God requires one to do
fitting penance to atone.
  Lord Chaitanya pioneered the congregational chanting of the Hare-Krishna mantra in
the streets (This is like taking church to the streets!).
   Lord Chaitanya and His chosen apostles, the Goswamis, where one of the holiest group of men
who ever lived (on par with the early Franciscans)
   Their priceless move of God never caught on in America. Because its devotees', en-masse,
got insecure about finances and made a bad example; they puts tons of energy into manipulating
the public to part with their money, especially hustling the public at the major airports. Due to
this sleazy activity, they got a bad reputation. That bad rep. became their downfall in America.
Sadly, most of the public were no longer interested in what these orange robed men were about.
    However, they are extremely popular in the countries that comprise the former Soviet
Union!  Certainly, this sacred spiritual path deserves far more attention than the brief space that
I am allocating to it in this essay!

Note: The Hare-Krishna path is not as exalted of a path as is undiluted Christianity.
That is because an integral part of Christianity is suffering for the faith, plus confessing thy sins
(even thoughts); one to another. If one doesn't practice the creme of their faith, much of the glory
of that faith is absent. Suffering for God is the most exalted way to God. Its far more exalted than
is lots of chanting/ praising > the Hare-krishna way.
  When God the Father sent Jesus to the cross it was for far more than fulfilling the blood
atonement, as great as that is! As Jesus suffered and was humiliated for us on the cross, we in turn
are called to suffer and / or endure humiliations for His sake.
These are the two aspects of the cross; suffering & humiliation.
    Since most Christians shy away from practicing the uncomfortable aspects of their faith,
Christianity only manifests a fraction of its glory that it has! Nowadays,
its just another religion on the world landscape. Sadly, that is not what God intended for it.
His plans were far, far greater! Sadly beyond belief, due to human bungling and His people being
stiffnecked, most of God's wonderful plans to bless humanity have never blossomed.